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IFC’s hit original comedy series Portlandia welcomes viewers to Fred & Carrie’s romanticized and dreamy rendering of Portland, OR. This tour covers many of the locations from Season 1.
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Exploring Portland.
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The Magic of Atypical Spaces
Be it a cute cafe in an obscure beach town, or century old bookstore in Paris, or funky dessert spot in Portland- ayptical spaces are just that- things that are off the beaten path, unique and special...
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Emerging Jaffna
Now that the fighting has finished, Jaffna is emerging as an interesting and safe place to travel - go now, and experience the friendliness and beauty of this place before the masses of tourists arrive...
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I love spotsi!
Pink Martini's guide to Downtown Portland
Thomas Lauderdale, founder and bandleader of Portland, Oregon's globe-trotting orchestra Pink Martini, and long-time iconic denizen of downtown Portland, takes us to his favorite neighborhood hotspots...
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Pink Martini
Portland's "Little Orchestra"
Simpsons Location Spotting
Matt Groening has recently announced that the Simpsons hometown is actually Springfield, Oregon. Let's take a tour of some of the memorable locations and characters of Springfield and their real life...
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Exploring Portland.

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